On our trip from Ayvalik to Bademli Limani we ran into a mechanical problem: the waterpump of our engine was leaking water into the bilge. Not that much, but enough to get it fixed asap. In Bademli Limani a really nice Turkish guy of age, named Osman, arranged a mechanic for us, who was able the fix it next day. After visiting the beautiful old harbor, the bay with two small islands and a natural hamam (hot spring) we sailed on towards Eskifoca. On our way we were first escorted by a large school of dolphins, who accompanied us for about half an hour. Amazing! Approaching Eskifoca, we passed by a Turkish navy ship, quite close. A few minutes after we passed them, we almost got a heart attack from a loud (loose) canon salvo fired from the ship towards Greek Lesbos. Of course, it was just a drill, we heard afterwards. After visiting the old city of Eskifoca, we sailed towards Cesme, about 50 miles to the south. Enjoy the video!

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