Our plans for some sailing on the Black Sea from lovely Poyraz, where quickly cancelled by…..the Poyraz. The Poyraz is a strong Northeasterly wind, that blows particularly hard in July and August. Yesterday we left the lee-shore of Poyraz early in the morning, as the wind pickup up to to 22-27 knots, resulting in 2 meter high waves. As the next Black Sea port isn’t that interesting, we didn’t want to push it and turned back on to Bosphorus. With the tide and wind from behind, we were back in the Sea of Marmara in no time. With only the jib, we hit a top speed of 9.2 knots, which is quite impressive. When we arrived in Atakoy, the pontoon had a nasty iron hook that made a deep scratch in the new boat, while the marina staff could have easily pushed the boat off…. Oh well, scratches on polyester can be repaired, as well as the one on my ego….

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